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Verizon - Rare Unlimited Grandfathered Data Plans

  • 1.  Verizon - Rare Unlimited Grandfathered Data Plans

    Posted 12-06-2019 12:27

    I have acquired grandfathered Verizon plans that allow for unlimited data without throttling As you know most new unlimited plans throttle or slow down the data around 23 GB's. If you have a user or group that has large data needs we can use one of these plans to help save money and frustration by allowing for much more data usage. These grandfathered plans are rarely available but wanted to make sure you had some info to make a decision that helps your company.

    These have proved invaluable for job sites without traditional internet connections or that need to be monitored by camera via online streaming.

    You don't have to be a Verizon customer to use these plans.

    These plans will work with:
    1. Cradle Points
    2. Jetpacks
    3. Mobile Broadband Devices
    4. Tablets
    5. and many others

    Feel free to schedule a call for more details.


    Donovan Lashley
    Mobilia Consulting
    Charleston SC
    (843) 800-7377